Sunday, 4 March 2012

During my quick trip down at Forever21 I picked up a white faux leather sleeveless jacket. It was all crinkled up in a heavily worn vintage way; I simply couldn't resist. Also these chunky gold chain caught my eye, I've been trying to get my hands on some gold, 90s-esque tacky looking chain for a while now. I've been telling myself to pick some up the next time I'm at the local chain and accessories suppliers, but I just haven't got round to that. So finally I've found them after keeping my eyes peeled at Topshop, H&M and other similar high-street stores.

I don't think my personal style leans towards the Rihanna side, nor do I usually google her for fashion inspiration. But I must say she has pulled off several looks with the gold chain pretty well. From 90s cool-kid, to sporty, to a more vintage approach, and teaming it with leopard print. 
Personally the latter is my least favourite, I actually prefer young Willow Smith's approach more. Which is your favourite look?

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  1. Looks great, the chunky chain I mean :) I'm not a huge fan of 80-90's, but the second to last look by Rihanna is my absolute favourite. The white fur coat looks a bit like sheepskin (in a good way), and the gold necklace looks great with it.

    I've been searching for chunky necklaces too, thanks for the tip :)