Friday, 9 March 2012


I wouldn't claim this as a new trend as the 90s revival trend and grunge style has been back with us for some time now, but it's definitely the look I try to emulate this Spring. It's extremely casual and versatile. I own a couple of key denim pieces ranging from denim shirts, gillets (DIYed from a denim jacket) and shorts. I'm now in search for another vintage denim jacket, preferably from the 90s.. and, the bigger, baggier, the better.
So I will be off to a few vintage stores this weekend, so fingers crossed.
How do you guys wear your denim pieces?


  1. Aww Denim love!

    Thanks for sharing these inspirational pics hun

    <3 Una

  2. Definitely loving the denim at the moment too. In serious need of an oversized denim jacket :) x

  3. so many inspirative denim outfits!