Sunday, 22 January 2012

Belt it up


(Belt lulucherie)

I have several vintage-esque satin scarves and haven’t used them as much as I would like to. The elaborate prints and rich colours really draws all the attention in an outfit. Initially, I wore them as headbands and semi-headband/turbans. But as the hippy-boho trend is starting to die down, I tried to re-invent some other ways to wear these flamboyant scarves.

Here I am just wearing a black sleeveless top, with a sparkly silver skirt and maroon red sheer draped jacket. The separate pieces of the outfit is by far not one of my most interesting pieces from my wardrobe, and apart from the skirt which is very sparkly, shiny and fun to wear, the rest is not really worth mentioning.

To jazz the outfit up, I wore one of my scarves as a belt, or more accurately, as part of my belt. The vividly bold print and colours are still showing through, and it adds a quirk to the vintage-esque belt. And I would just like to share this little trick with you guys. Enjoy.