Thursday, 31 March 2011

Strings, cage and bondage

strings cage bondage

Here’s a few new pieces just added to LULUCHERIE. Check out the page for the rest of the new items here.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring hearts.


Desktop clear-up. Here’s is a few of my growing loves…
Lace and more lace.. 70’s flares.. Braids.. Sheer maxi dresses/skirts, body tattoos, Charlotte Free, metal harness rings.
Get black net maxi skirt here, and vintage skirts here.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

i-D. Gaga in MUGLER

The Lady is on the cover of i-D once again. This time with facial prosthetics, as seen in her Born This Way music video and at the Grammys. And cute freckles on her face.

She is wearing a MUGLER menswear jacket, trousers by Francesco Scognamilio, and shoes by Noritaka Tatehana (….I love his outrageous platform heels). 


GAGA-i-D1 2








i-D magazine, “The Exhibitionist” Issue, No. 312. Spring 2011

Photography: Mariano Vivanco

Styling: Nicola Formicetti


“We wanted a name that symbolised unity. It’s hardcore, fierce, and robotic. I wish you could click on the clothes and they’d make that sound: MUGLERRRR.”  Nicola Formicetti

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Structural dream

Dazed & Confused April 2011
ph. Anthony Maule
Styled. Robbie Spencer
Model. Andrej Pejic

Looking a lot less pretty and feminine. Andrej still rocks these amazing editorials, especially Gareth Pugh and Yuima Nakazato’s pieces.


yuima nakazato x lady gaga shampalove 1
Yuima Nakazato also created the “Black fire” dress for Lady Gaga. Love his work.

Shoe candy..

Still obsessed with....

Salvatore Ferragamo's Rainbow Platform 1938
Celine clogs
Vintage clog
Lucite platforms
Acne "Hybria"
Noritaka Tatehana's heeless platforms

Jeffrey Campbell did it again, first the "Lita's" (...and in a range of options.... suede, distressed leather, GLITTER, shaggy fur, candy pink!, tapestry carpet print... the list goes on...), Now already out for a couple of months, the "Salvatore" babies are still sold out.
I personally prefer the original, Salvatore Ferragamo's Rainbow Platform 1938. But JC's version is just fine.

Following the success of the "Atacoma," the cut out heel is a much loved feature. Also loving the lucite platforms, not so much of the style itself though, and Noritaka Tatehana heels as worn by Lady Gaga.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sheer floral shirts

I can't seem to stress how much I love SHEER fabrics. Semi-sheer vintage floral Shirts... ahh so lush..
We now have a few listed up a few of these vintage beauties on our Etsy store here, and many more..
etsy floral 
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Friday, 4 March 2011

There's a rainbow in my head

Pastel, rainbow, unicorn, "my little pony" hair.. What ever you want to call this, this is delicious.
Definitely not a new trend now. It has been seen in editorials, and on the runway,.... but this has been in the back of my thoughts for a while now, and finally I have some time to trawl through some images.
Hmm, very tempting.

Mugler love?

(Lady Gaga. "Born This Way".)

Nicola Formichetti debuted his first womenswear for MUGLER (renamed from Thierry Mugler). With Lady Gaga as the music director for his menswear show, and now as runway model for the womenswear show. This was definitely a well anticipated show. And what more, a big fashion force collaborating with a big fashion house.... an entertaining "show" was guaranteed.
Choosing Lady Gaga to debut as a runway model for Mugler seems perfect, as the brands design aesthetic and noted use of non-conventional fabrics (latex, fur and sheer fabric), and gothic influences clearly favoured the pop icon.
Also she has previously worn Thierry Mugler's designs, which includes the pieces in her music video "Paparazzi". 

Back to the collection, the exaggerated shoulders and the sleek tailored looks reminisced back to the 80s for me. A touch of goth, yet glamourous aesthetic definitely hit the notes of the brand image for me. 
Not all the looks work for me; in particular the one Jessica Stam models.
But I do love the sheer/latex pieces, and the nude/skin coloured tones used. Here's some of my favourite looks from the womenswear show. 

MUGLER Menswear AW 2011. 

(ph. via Sonny)